the old bastard

born in West Berlin in 1958 (and unbelievable.. the ears still working)

guitar and vocals since 1970 - mainly FOLK/SINGER/SONGWRITER Stuff (meanwhile:-> THE ROUGHRIDER )

Bandmember/Songwriter of TVWAR 1980/81 and some more very successful Bands ;) - in WEST-BERLIN !

Roadie for WHITE RUSSIA 1979/80/81

SOUNDENGINEER, PRODUCER, FOUNDER and OWNER of the famous "PREUSSENTONSTUDIO"  Berlin (with Uwe Hoffmann) 1981 - 1991

Freelance Engineer at HANSA at THE WALL, MAYFAIR Studios London, THE TOWN HOUSE London, SARM WEST London (Trevor Horn) , WESTSIDE London and many, many more.

Music from the past :   - were I was involved somehow. Many missing ;)